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April 14, 2020

Tracking a Bid During COVID-19

Some procurements are being delayed, suspended, or modified due to COVID-19. That's just the reality of the bidding space right now; however, there are numerous cases when a suspension is reversed. And business owners simply do not have the time to track these developments as they unfold.

For every suspension due to COVID-19, we are requesting more information: 

1) Is there a vendor list to be immediately notified of [Specific Bid No. XX] developments? 
2) Can you add me/us to that list?  
3) When do you expect this bid will re-open? 
4) Is it purely a logistical issue with your team or something related to the project need?

We've included screenshots of a recent (high interest) bid that was re-activated. Once it was back online and open to the public, we sent an immediate update to our client. This will be our policy going forward.

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